Monday, June 09, 2008

102 speed

on sunday, we had a get together at dhaba express for 3rd anniversary....It's really good and nothing to say more than this.....while going there, i was riding in my pulsar(definetly male) at a maximum of 102 km/hr on tidel road..great achievement...i felt happy to ride at this high padikum podhu, ippadi ellam vehama ottiyirukanum...appa vandi vaangaama computer vaangiten...t00 Late ;-) .... nowadays weekends are going fast time to attend bhagavat gita class...

The max 220cc goes is 130(reported) while 200cc is reported to be at 125 max. I like to drive at 120 km, but i think my bike (150 cc) doesn't supports this

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