Tuesday, May 06, 2008

sita devi

April 24th... She came for a meeting, i was very happy on this day after seeing her.. she looks very beautiful like a Nelumbo lutea (american yellow lotus)
Lots of Lotus flowers are available in the flower shops, bcoz lotus blooms well during summer... This is the season for lotus ;-) ... So
all god's will be decorate with lotus ;-)

How about my lotus .. did she smile always like lotus blossoms ? Yes
Hey lotus... You will be happy always.. i love you a lot da ;-)

Lotus say "ivan thirundhave maataan"

Lighted 87*/1008 lamps

when she comes to tidal, she looks like sita devi(very calm &
soft)...Not able to understand the things happened on this day...
when i think about sita devi, Lord Hanuman comes into mind... when he comes, lotus comes in mind, bcoz parvati said that ***

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