Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I was happy on saturday and sunday..yes i went to little flowers school to do service... we had successfully setup 53 pc's in two days...only 8 childrens are there in each classroom, bcoz these kids are deaf...The teachers are really very kind...their service is spiritual..my manager also came there to do service(taking monitor to 2'nd floor), he is really a simple and nice gentle man. But i got bad name bcoz of lotus..despite of these things he talked to me.....but still i am not able to face him...it's my fate

On sunday evening, as per the schedule i went to iskon with my pulsar at a maximum speed of 85 km/hr ;-) ... Tears are coming from eyes, when i go above 80 km/hr... ISKON temple is different from other temples...Here devotees are calling gents as 'prabhu ji' and ladies as 'maataaji'....I feel really proud, when some one calls me 'prabhu ji'

They are calling kids as 'hare krishna' ... really cute to see the kids with krishna t-shirt... for me lotus is kid

when i enter the temple, abishegam was going on for lord narashima...I gave the lotus flowers...They have separated the lotus petals and did archanai with that after the abishegam... After this, a small drama about lord lakshmi narashima appearance was shown....... Then the saints ask for the volunteers to distribute prasaadham for the krishna devotees.... I got the opportunity to give 'kesari' to the devotees... In this kaliyug, getting opportunity to do service is very rare... i got the chance to serve for krishna devotees...

while distributing prasadham, a grand ma (maataaji) asked some devotees to help her to drop at her home.. I told her that i can help you ... she is too old and taking fast for the whole day and came here to see lord krishna.... she told that krishna never leaves his devotees at any time...hmmm...let's see in my life

while returning, i was riding at low speed of 40 km/hr. ;-(...bcoz maataji(krishna devotee) is behind me.. i should take care of her till home...right

Lighted 320*/1008 lamps @ Lakshmi lotus feet.. I should complete 1008 on my birthday at ashtalakshmi temple

Krishna, I want to hear lotus voice...aval hello sonna enna, atleast i hear the voice ;-(

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