Thursday, May 22, 2008


yesterday, I was sooooooooooooooooo Haaaaaaaaaappppppppppyyyyyy..

I was waiting at the entrance to just see her....I was looking at all roses, whether it's my lotus face...she didn't come for long time...I thought of leaving...when i turn back, she is standing near a cab and i was surprised... when she leave, I followed her without following traffic rules...The cab driver is going fast without knowing that sita devi is inside the cab.. she is tulasi devi...she is srimadhi radha rani...she is saraswati...Thank god, She is residing in a lovely place, lots of trees are there....It's a residential place...It's vrindhaavan...Nice wind blows to cool her always

I don't know, whether she noticed me..But i am so happy to see her.....while returning to my home....I am riding at high speed, with full of joy.... ready to die at that moment, but last voice that i hear should be her voice... I drive directly to shiva temple(closed) and said thanks to lord karunambighai and shiva.....If she really loves me, I will take her to meet lord saraswati devi otherwise my love doesn't make sense.. Also we will try to become tulasi leaves at lord krishna's feet and serve krishna and srimadhi radha rani with lotus flowers.

I believe lord parvati helps us to fulfill the wishes... Today morning, got up early and went to see father and mother...Yes lord shiva is my father and Lord parvati is my mother..... Lord saraswati is lotus mother and lord brahma is her father..At 7.00 a.m when i enter the temple, abishegham was going on...i gave the lotus flowers and saamandhi malar...I am happy to see the flowers... priest did archanai with jasmine flowers to lord shiva, while doing, it's falling on lotus flower and lord shiva as well....hmmm lotus flower you are lucky that you also getting archanai ;-)

மல்லிகை நீ .... தாமரையின் பாத மலர்களை
துளசி இலையால் அர்ச்சனை செய்
தென்றல் நீ..... தாமரையின் நிலவு முகம் தனை
சந்தனக் காற்றால் அபிஷேகம் செய்

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