Sunday, May 25, 2008

சரஸ்வதி நதி

Lighted 800*/1008 ghee lamps @ Mahalakshmi's lotus feet

On saturday, i went to pothys to buy red color saree for lakshmi devi...I asked the shop keeper to show red color saree for amman... he told me that, you go to another section there u could ask for aparna saree..that will be looks good for amman...Yes, i forgot to ask this, but she reminds me... There i found a red color saree with mango color border..It will look pretty for lakshmi devi

Birth of saraswati

In the beginning there was chaos. Everything existed in a formless, fluid state. “How do I bring order to this disorder?” wondered Brahma, the creator. “With Knowledge”, said Devi. Heralded by a peacock, sacred books in one hand and a veena in the other dressed in white Devi emerged from Brahma’s mouth riding a swan as the goddess Saraswati.
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Below video shows the holy saraswati river in mana village 12000 ft (length of this river is 200 metre)

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