Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lotus feet

Lotus foot of Srimati Radharani which is decorated with the following auspicious markings:

Below the toe of the left foot is a barleycorn and a disc. Starting from mid point between the main toe and the second toe, continuing for half the length of the foot, is a shining upward-line. Below the middle toe are a lotus, flag, flower and a twig. Below the little toe is an elephant goad. Below the disc is an umbrella, and below that is a bracelet. On the heel is a beautiful looking half-moon.

Right lotus foot of Srimati Radhika

On the heel of the right foot is a fish. Above that is a chariot. Above the chariot is a mountain. On one side of the chariot is a sakti weapon, and on the other side is a club. Above the club is the conchshell, which is at the root of the toe. Below the little toe is a sacrificial altar, and below the sacrificial altar is an earring.

Hey Lotus(apu),

Your foot also will be decorate with the above auspicious markings and my mind will meditate on your lotus feet. Your feet brings peace and calm to my mind ;-)
You see a lotus flower also there ;-)

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