Wednesday, March 12, 2008


what i expected that was happened...she forwarded and gave complaint...I have compared the sacred lotus flower with her..she is not lotus.. tharumi aayiram porkaasuku aasai patta maadhiri adhihama aasa patuvitten...Parvati, i don't want this lotus....leave me alone... i don't write anymore in this blog

As usual, I went to temple with lotus flowers...She may not be lotus, but i serve lord with lotus flowers..lighted lamps for all gods...She gave complaint, bcoz i said earlier "if u wish give complaint, god is there for me" .. If karunambigai is there in the temple, she will talk to her today

Amma parvati devi, I never talk to her .... she is not at all lotus ... On march 2nd, i told you to see a good bridegroom for her(ap*)so, leave me ..she don't have kindness.

Srimadhi Rani and Krishna, plz take care of her, if she was disturbed... Ask krishna to stop the play.... podhum andha kutti kannan vilayaattu... I will concentrate on my life...your face has the kindness of millions of moons.. you are the mother... I like the smiles of saraswati, kindness of lakshmi(you), love of parvati and voice of ap*

My love is like "Mother Yashodha's love on krishna" ... She is a kid like krishna அவளுக்காக பாடிய பாடல்கள எழுதிய கவிதைகள் ... இதற்கு கிடைத்த பரிசு அவமானம் "Complaint on S* Harrasment"

அன்று, அவள் கண்ணில் பனி துளி கூட கருணை இல்லை ... ஏளனமான பார்வை தான் தென்பட்டது.. போதும் என்னை கரை ஏற்று ஸ்ரீமதி ராதா ராணி.. Training la பார்த்த பெண் அல்ல அவள் ... she is selfish.... I don't know why she is like that ... I should live for me.....Help me god 'lakshmi' to overcome the bad karma ... Ask her to show mercy upon me.

Payback your pastlife's bad karma -- Link

"Baba has said this " Unless there is some
relationship or connection, nobody goes anywhere. If any men or creatures come
to you, do not discourteously drive them away, but receive them well and treat
them with due respect. "

People suffer in relationships at heart, the way
disease like cancer can bring pain to body

"It's an excellent website, which i never seen before, Each and every
word is spiritual.
Venkat raman might be the god's messenger...I don't know how much god played in his life, to mould him like a diamond ;-). These pages should be read by each and every soul to challenge the life"

I am in "payback Phase" .. His life resembles my life a liitle bit ... I should send this link to ap*, so that atleast she realize me... Still, if she didn't realize then she is a stone

Thanks to venkat for his excellent articles ... kind hearted people are living on earth.. Life is an experience to teach/help others

Sai Baba ki jai !!! My obeisances to you

25/03 : on 12th, he pulled me out of the office like a slave ... I don't know what i did to her in previous birth... For that i am getting punishment in this life by her... i was not well today, so i went to shiva temple and asked him to clear bad karma, if anything i had... Then i asked saraswati to show mercy upon me... she has helped ottakoothar(poet), kambar and amaravathi in critical situations, so i asked her to help me..

For palli arai poojai, people take lord shiva in 'pallaku' and come around the temple to palli arai room.. Today, i got a chance to take shiva in 'pallaku' ;-) He has shown mercy upon me. Thanks shiva

I am reading Lord Krishna stories to bring peaceful mind and will be lighting 1008 lamps at lakshmi's feet to show mercy upon me. 10*/1008

***** END of Lotus ******

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