Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Do you have kindness lotus ?

i sent mail yesterday, i didn't go to office today...kal manasu avaluku .... karunai suthamaa kidaiyaadhu... why parvati asked me to have love on her at all instance ? i compared her with srimadhi radha rani... But she don't have kindness.. J also refused to talk to her for me on peronal issues...two yr's back when we went to avvai illam... Each one has to take care of kids... when we left for the day, a girl who has taken care by lotus was crying... Naan andha kulandiyai shamadaana paduthuhiren... she is still crying.. thaamarai aval adhai kandu kollamal selhiraal... she has shown love on that girl, but why she left her alone .. Atleast she should called the teachers and handed over them...ippoludhu ennai ala vaithu vittu selhiraal

I didn't asked lotus about this, bcoz i was not very well known to her

My mother is writing 108 Adihalar mandhir for 108 times to complete within 2 days for me to be calm(108 * 108=11664)...she is doing this for me without knowing the reason...She just know that i had some problem in my project..she don't know about my love,but she is also suffering, if i suffer,feel sad...she understood my mind by my voice

for these 2-1/2 yr's my mom is also suffering bcoz of me,lotus & parvati...why lotus don't have kindness upon me ? she is also women right.. why u make my mother also to suffer ??

on feb 18th 2007, while their parent's called me and scolding, I called them back two times when the line cut's bcoz i gave respect to their call... Now she is not even listen me

I am trying to talk to her, but no way is there ;-(

Surely, she don't reply for that mail, she may fwd/dispose
I called to nortel number, but she didn't talk.... I don't know...how i am going to do my office work ??

why lotus nee pesina enna ???

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