Thursday, March 06, 2008


On 06th march... This is a special day for lord shiva... About this day
நான்கு காலம் (6.00 p.m to 6.00 a.m)
முதல் சாமம் - பஞ்சகவ்ய அபிசேகம்,
தாமரை அலங்காரம்
இரண்டாம் சாமம்- சர்க்கரை பால் தயிர் நெய் கலந்த பஞ்சாமிர்தம் அபிசேகம் துளசி அலங்காரம்
மூன்றாம் சாமம்- தேன் அபிசேகம் மல்லிகை அலங்காரம்
நான்காம் சாமம்- கரும்புச்சாறு அபிசேகம்

Hey shiva,
When Lord Rama wished to worship you with one thousand lotus flowers, the Divine Mother, to test the devotion of Shri Ram, hid all the flowers at your request.

Today 6th, i am going to worship you with 50 lotus flowers ;-)

விரதம் இருக்கிறேன்,இன்று இரவு முழுதும் கோவிலில் கண் விழித்து இருக்கப் போகிறேன்... ஈசன் உனை தஞ்சம் அடைகிறேன், தாமரையை பேசவை ....

Parvati took severe austerities to win over Shiva...she meditate on shiva without eating anything..She is Aparna, the girl who refuses to eat even a leaf..... like wise i am also thinking lotus always(no food)...

how the name aparna comes to parvati ?


On6th night, I went to temple @7.30p.m with 50 lotus flowers.There was a huge number of people came to the temple..I sat in a place and opened the petals of the lotus flower's one by one chanting shiva name...It's seems like doing archanai to lord shiva with lotus flowers
Each flower reminds him the name aparna 'the lotus'... After complete's the flower work, i just wait for the first pooja...till that time, i was involved in doing little bit service to control the people crowd for shiv dharsan.. onbadhu maniku mudhal kaala poojai aarambithadhu, alangaaram seyum poludhu dhaan shivan aruhe utkaaara idam kidaithadhu... Thaamarai alangaaram mihavum nandraaha irundhadhu, it's exactly the same like the shiva picture which is shown above.. i was excited to see the same form of decoration which i was posted(shiva picture) in the morning..i don't have words to express the beauty of lord shiva with flowers..He accepts the lotus, yes a lotus flower fell down from him to the archanai plate and it came to me.

iravu muludhum naanku kaala poojaikalin abishegam, alanagaram paarthadhu mihavum sandhosamaaha irundhadhu.... It's all bcoz of lotus 'Aparna'. wherever lotus comes,i will be there to serve god for 'Apu'and reminds him

Brahminaaha pirandhirukalam, amma maarhal shiva padalhalai alahaha paaduhiraarhal... i missed a lot...Shiva paadalhal, abisheha narumanam, alangaaram thookathai tholaika seydhathu.... In between gap, i went to saraswati and talked to her as a child

Apu patri ondrum theriyavillai, avaluku amma pidikuma ?? bakthi ullavala ? koviluku selvadhu pidikuma ?? eduvum theriyaadhu ... naan adhiham karpanai seyghiren... theriyavillai, aval gunam eppadi endru...ondru mattum theriyum, avaluku durga endru peyar vaithirukalaam... i like to see 'thiruneer' in girl's forehead, but i never seen this in aparna's forehead ;-(

she talks to all except me in this pain ? i am longing for day's and yr's to hear her voice...not even able to see her name in same-time.

After the last poojai @4.15 a.m, i went back to my home... It's a wonderful night without sleep, but with lord shiva and parvati ;-) Now i am in office@10.00 a.m

Happy Women's day 'Lotus'

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