Monday, February 11, 2008

divine love

yesterday(sunday) i forget to take id card to office, so i thought of going to thiruvanmiyur only, my lotus resides in a hostel some where near by.... rain drizzles upon me with kind heart and invites me to the temple...I went to the near by shop for lotus flowers....They have lots of rose flowers and only few lotus flowers with them, that too very small....(If you open the lotus 'idhal', rose can't stand near by ... only few knows about the prosperity of lotus ... In fact rose may be a symbol of love, but lotus is the symbol of divine love) then i bought lotus & two ghee lamps for brahma & saraswati.... It's a wonderful temple with lots of spaces ...i saw shiva dharsan by offering lotus flower and looking for saraswati at all over the place, but couldn't i asked a priest, he said that saraswarti is not here in this temple....I felt inside that lotus(apu chellam) is staying here for saraswati.... so why i need to search for saraswati... apu is godess here and she is like a diamond in the sky... Then i went near brahma to decorate him with lotus this time abishegam was going on for shiva...i just took the abisheg theertham(milk) and continue looking the beauty of brahma .... before i deocrate brahma with lotus flowers, some one had kept a lotus flower in his looks so pretty... I decorate him with my lotus flowers and gazed at him for few min's.. also lighted two lamps was raining still, so i just wait there for one hour to see the poojai.

By evening, my friend took me to visit IIT campus...we walked inside the campus for nearly two kilometer's and then we saw a durga temple...The temple looks very nice and calm ... i felt like it's my home....i told her that i will bring lotus for you

In my tuticorin home
எங்கள் வீடு, மாமரம் பூ பூத்ததாள் சோலை வனம் போல் காட்சி தருகிறது... பூ அழகாக இருந்ததால், அம்மா அவற்றை பறித்து தேவி பார்வதிக்கு சூடி அழகு பார்க்க நினைத்தாள்.. so she went to adhi parasakthi temple and docorate parvati devi with mango flowers. I told my mother that i am really great to have a good mother.

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