Wednesday, January 09, 2008

tears in my eyes

yesterday,I got upset when i look back my performance, work in these two and half years... i was starving for the project...I asked manager many times for tcms..Even if it's there he won't give, Bcoz i was complained now*... if i see same-time, her name is disabled.. No mail, No call Can't see, Can't hear sweet voice... is this love ????????
Earlier, when i didn't get placement, she told that 'I am waiting for the right company to place him"
i was very angry on god.... In temple, i was crying infront of god karunambighai... உனக்கு கருணையே இல்லையா ? i don't know what you talked to her, when she will talk and why both are teasing me ?

மிகுந்த கோபம் கடவுள் மேல ... அதனால் 51 முழம்
சாமந்தி மலர் வாங்கி பள்ளி அறை பூஜைக்கு கொடுத்தேன் ..

Here also, fate played against me... I like to see the palli arai fully decorate with yellow flower' that flower garden, lord parvati and shiva have to sleep.. But the Ayer kept only few flowers..they told that, we will keep these flower's for early monrning(5 A.m) pooja. I got disappointed, drops of tears in my eyes... controlled myself.. I thought atleast by seeing the yellow flower's parvati might listen my question "why you make lotus to come by yellow dress ?"
I came back to room and read the article about god saraswati temple at koothanur wriiten by 'venkat raman' This relaxed my mind some what....
To light the
108 lamps, I will be going to koothanur saraswati(near thiruvaarur) temple on 19th jan with her wishes..

white lotus - Saraswati

Pink Lotus- lakshmi

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