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My saraswati@koothanur temple

My saraswati@koothanur temple

On 18th friday 9:30 p.m, i started my journey to koothanur temple with my friend....The bus starts at 10.00 p.m ... The people are friendly, so i asked them the way to koothanur temple...usually the setc bus goes to thiruvaroor via kumbagonam, but the conductor said, it will go thru pondicherry, mayiladurai, poondhotam and reach thiruvaroor since the road was not good near kumbokonam.. Poondhotam is the stop, where we have to get down for saraswati temple..we thought that the traveling time will be 8 to 9 hr' we slept well... At morning 4.30 a.m, The person whom i asked for the way to temple, waked me up and said poonthotam will arrive in few minutes, you can get down here.. In few min's poonthotam arrives, we got down and said thanks to that person.. Thanks to saraswati, since she is helping me all the way to temple.

poonthotam is a small village... I could see stars at the sky...mist's covered all over the place.. It's very early that we reach there and a small tea shop alone was opened at that we sat near the shop until light come's up to uncover the dark mist....Around 6.00 a.m, before sunrise(dawn), we started walking towards koothanur saraswati's just a half kilometer from here...On the way, i saw a goat which is sleeping with kids.. I took snap's of it and it's really a nice photography... It's a beautiful village and i could see hens, cows and goats waked early and welcome us... i like cow very much and also it's a favorite for lord krishna...Then we reach the beautiful temple...

The temple will be open at 7.00 a.m, so we went to have a bath at near by pond...At 7.00 a.m, the temple was opened and we went inside the temple to see the first dharsan of 'Lord Saraswati'....she was looking very pretty... my eyes are looking towards the lotus flower's at her lotus feet and hand..

After the dharsan, i went to the near by shop to place order for 108 ghee lamps, lotus garland with 108 white lotus...he told that there is a huge demand for lotus flower's bcoz of heavy rain,As of now, i don't have so you plz ask another shop keeper.... He is a nice person bcoz he guides me to that person's home for lotus garland...

I went to that person and ask for lotus garland...he said that we have only pink lotus flowers now, since white lotus is special for lord saraswati, they said we add one white lotus with that garland ... Also they said you can get the lotus garland before the abishegam(10.00 a.m)...Then i gave order and went to temple office to pay for abishegam... I told them that i have bought white saree for saraswati..They said, it's good ;-) ...Now, the time is 8.30 a.m and the shop keeper told me that you can visit near by temple "aadhi vinayahar"... he gave his cycle to go there, so we took his cycle and travel thru the banks of the cauvery river to reach the temple which is located near the arasalaru river...

on the way, we saw a temple and went inside, but it's not the aadhi vinayaha temple...Then we travel half a mile and saw another temple...we thought it should be vinayagha temple...It's really a fabulous temple, the god statues are so cute with charming face... I took photos with vinayagha(ganesh), dhakshina moorthy and lord brahma...i like brahma very much, bcoz he is the consort of lord saraswati right ?? he looks very pretty, sweet, cute and charm like lord saraswati at dhandeeswaram temple(velacherry-chennai)...In this temple we couldn't find lord aadhi vinayagha.. Aadhi vinayagha is lord ganesh with human face.. we came out from the temple after worshiping all the god's.. when we took back the cycle to return, we found a small temple .. so i just stopped and went inside...yes aadhi vinayagha was there .... I prayed and took photos of him...

By this time, our cycle tyre got burst...we checked for shops to repair, but couldn't find....then we return back to koothanur temple by walk....The shop keeper is really a nice gentle man...
I have compelled him to take money for repairing the tyre, but he didn't accept.

Now the clock needles shows 9.30 a.m, he asked me to light lamps and get ready for the friend helped me to get those lamps to temple...There i lighted the 108 ghee lamps and the lights are twinkling like my lotus heart...

நெய் தீபத்தின் ஒளியில்(108), உன் மஞ்சள் முகம் தங்கமாய் மிளிரட்டும்
தாமரை அவள் மங்களமுடன் திகழ்வாள்

After lighting the lamps, I asked the shop keeper for lotus garland and he showed me the garland... The flowers are big and fat in size.... it's pretty, delightful and marvelous to see the pink lotus garland..I can't say in words to express the beauty of the flower.... Ever i didn't see such a beauty in any other flower garlands....really wonder, that's why it's a sacred flower for all godesses....

The great mistake i did was that i forget to take photos of the mother also said that if you took photos, then we can ask people here(tuty) to make garland of that style....No problem, next time i will go with lotus and offer white lotus garland.

At 11.00, the abishegam was started and so we went inside the temple and sat very close to god...i gave the white saree, lotus flowers(not garland), pooja items to the iyer...Also gave him the offcie id-card, pen, small saraswati statue, saraswati & radha-rani photos(wallpaper at my office table) to keep it in saraswati's lotus feet.

This is the second time i am seeing abishegam by sitting very close to god...

தேன், பால், தயிர், பஞ்சா அமிர்தம், சந்தனம் கொண்டு அபிஷேகம் செய்தார்கள்.
சந்தனம் அபிஷேகம் மிகவும் நன்றாக இருந்தது..

I like the smile of saraswati.. bcoz when she smiles, lotus also smiles

சந்தனம் அபிஷேகத்தில், அவள் மஞ்சள் முகம்
தங்கமாய் மிளிர்ந்தது தாமரை(அப்பு) மனம் போல்
பால் அபிஷேகத்தில், அவள் மான் விழிகள்
வைரமாய் ஒளிர்ந்தது தாமரையின் உள்ளம் போல

After the abishegam, they have decorated the saraswati with lotus garland and other flowers..... every one near by me are saying that the lotus garland is looking very pretty...Myself got happy and felt inside that i will make people to buy lotus garland/flowers for saraswati, lakshmi and parvati......bcoz lotus is their favorite offering lotus to goddess, people get blessings from god and get relief from bad karma...myself knows the power of lotus ;-)

She looks very cute in white saree and lotus garland....I prayed for my lotus and family members....did archanai for lotus name....I was seeing lord saraswati's face and lotus garland for 15 minutes...

வெண் தாமரை புஷ்பங்கள்(108), உன் வண்ணத் திருமேனியை அலங்கரிகட்டும்
தாமரை அவள் பொலிவுடன் திகழ்வாள்

I have to come out, bcoz more people are waiting to see the kind face of maa saraswati... so i came out with satisfaction in my mind that i completed lighting lamps(1008 ghee lamps), offering lotus garland and white silk saree....hope lotus will have kindness to forgive me.... Still my mind likes to see her face with lotus i again went inside the temple to see the lotus garland....but the lotus garland was covered with sarees offered by other devotees...Then i prayed to god saraswati that i will come again with lotus and decorate you with white and pink lotus garland.... Then we came back to the temple office for prasadham

At 12.30, we started our journey to thiruvaarur thiagaraja swamy(lord shiva) temple...
when we leave from koothanur temple, small poor children's are asking we gave the banana's(prasaadham) that we had for archanai...Then i bought biscuit packet's,pens for them... next time, i should bring more money to help them... In tuticorin aadhi parasakthi temple, Amma gave saree's to poor people.... my mother told me that, next year i should be in position to give 100 saree's to poor people.

Things which clear our bad karma..
1) devotional service to god
a)rich people can service by giving money
b)poor people can service by his physical activity

According to me service to god is that we should help god to make people to overcome from
the bad karma

2) helping poor people by giving food,clothes and education
3) lighting ghee lamps at home or temple
4) chanting god's name

At 1.00 O'clock, we got a bus at poonthotam for thiruvaarur...On the way, i saw many pond's but couldn't be able to take photo's bcoz i was sitting at the aisle the time, we reach the thiagaraja swamy temple, it was we just roamed outside the corridor of the temple and took photo's....lots of shiva statues are there... The temple was opened at 5.00, we went inside and worship lord shiva...In this temple, lord shiva did 364 திருவிளையாடல் Here we could see all the 9 nava graham (9 gods) in a straight line...i lighted 9 ghee lamps..Then i lighted 11 lamps at runahareswarar(shiva)....At 5.00 p.m, urchavar temple was open and we saw the dharsan...urchavar is famous in this temple.

After this temple...I thought of going kumbagonam temple's, but my friend said it's too bore, if we see temple's we went to tirichy and came back chennai on monday.

I couldn't get lotus seeds to plant lotus flower in my home....i have to check shops at here.

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