Thursday, January 10, 2008

யாசோதையாக நான்

yesterday, when i went to temple, I could see all the gods are decorated with the yellow flowers(சாமந்தி மலர்)... According to the words, the Ayer kept all my yellow flowers to gods.. i was so happy to see this..All god's praise lotus, bcoz of her only, They were decorated with flowers... Even the gods who stand as a guard for lord shiva had yellow flowers.

I am seeing yellow flowers at vinayagha, guru bhagavan,brahma, saraswati, lakshmi, vishnu, bairavar, lord sun, durga, shiva, karunambhigai(parvati), Sokanaadhar, meenakshi. Behind the temple, All the navagraham(9 gods) also decorated with yellow flowers... i told them that "I love you " Talking to them like a small boy... Then i came near the god naha devadhai, i just kissed the yellow flower like a kid ..

God is my best friend/mother.... He is the one, who loves us at all time... it's bring happiness when i talk to them... bcoz he only listen our words.. I like to decorate god with flowers and to see the charming face.. i want to say that when we go to temple, we should talk to them as a child.

Today, I have taken printout of suprabaatham(1 t0 24) for my mother... I don't know, whether lotus read those mails.

[தாயின் அன்பை விட சிறந்தது எதுவும் இல்லை]
நான் யாசோதையாக, தாமரை அவள் கண்ணனாக வேண்டும்
தினம் பாசம் தனை தேன் அமுதாக ஊட்ட வேண்டும்
கொஞ்சும் மழலை குரலை மனம் குளிர பருகிட வேண்டும்
குழந்தை அவள் செய்யும் குறும்புகளை இமைக்காமல் ரசித்திட வேண்டும்

Happy pongal to you lotus and your family !!

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