Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saraswati Pooja

Today morning 7.00 A.M, I went to temple to see abishegham for saraswati...paal, palam, thayir, paneer,sandhanam, nei abishegam seydaarghal ... After abishegam, she weared lotus saree(white with green border)... She looks very pretty in lotus saree with garlands of flowers...what a charming face like my lotus....They gave prasaadham(pongal,palam)... my mother asked me to give prashadham to people in flats...
we don't talk to any people in flats, since we are staying as bachelors...Atfirst i hesitate and then decided to give prasadham to a family near by our flat

Saraswati, Please give me sakthi ! and Take care of Lotus !

Lotus, In which color dress did u came TODAY ? white la vandhiya ??

Today is a special day for you lotus.... i like to see you today in white dress, but couldn't
But i saw saraswati in white dress with bunch of flowers.... She is very pretty :-)

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