Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Venkatachalapathy - He brings changes in my life

On 21'st saturday i went to tirupathi after 11 years....got sudharshan token by 3.00 a.m for 9.00 P.M dharshan...I am alone, what to do for the whole day ??..so i went to srinivasa complex and get the bus for "local temple visit-6 temples" at 11.00 a.m

when i enter tirupathi, i am hearing only telegu words...all people are seems like my relatives, since this is lotus home state.

1) Kapila Theertham (Lord siva shrine) There is a beautiful waterfall near the Temple.
2) Iskon - Excellent Lord krishna and srimadhi radharani with gopis
3) Agastheeswarar - 5 trees together (Aaala,vembu,puli,vilvam,..)
4) Srinivasa mangapuram
5) Padmavati Temple - I couldn't find flowers at other temple's..when i see the lotus flowers at this temple ..i become happy... Here i bought white & pink lotus flowers for padmavadhi...it looks very pretty to see the white lotus with long stem.

When i was in queue, All people are looking at the lotus flower in my hand...Excellent temple

I reached tirumala at 5.15 and joined the queue for dharsan at 6.00 p.m and I saw lord venkatachalapathy at 9.00 p.m....i was wondering after seeing lot's of people waiting in queue to see lord venkat..yes even brahma himself wait for him in 'paarkadal'

I went back chennai at 2.30 a.m on sunday, my mother went to tirichy srirangam...She also bought two lotus flower's for god vishnu and amman...but the iyyar kept the two lotus
flowers to vishnu alone...But my mother got bunch of lotus flower's in amman sannadhai...(she gave her).. My mother also start's buying lotus for god after seeing me.... yes, she also loves lotus

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