Friday, February 09, 2007

World's Largest Lotus Flower Park Built in China

Sanshui City of south China's Guangdong Province has built a lotus flower world which has collected most of the already identified varieties of lotus flowers on earth. Some 300 varieties of lotus flowers are available at the flower world, which covers an area of about 66.7 hectares. And more than 40 hectares of the flower world's total area is used to cultivate lotus flowers of red, yellow, white, purple and blue colors, florists said.
Construction of the special flower world started in March 1999 and it cost 100 million yuan (about 12.1 million U.S. dollars). It consists of six functional zones, such as ornamental flowers zone, scientific research zone, flower cultivating zone and a central zone..
In Chinese culture, lotus flowers are also in association with purity and loftiness. They have been valued by the Chinese as the beautiful flower emerging unstained from the filth.

According to the local sources, the lotus flower world will open to the public on July 8.

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