Tuesday, February 06, 2007

This time got bus, not return back :-)

Friday evening,I decided to go home.. last time i didn't get bus in guindy,so i went to koyambedu ..here i reached at 7.45 by 1 hr travel in town bus(huge crowd)..i didn't take food also(as usual)..I expected crowd but all buses are free..so easily get a seat in tuticorin bus(SETC) itself..I thought that 15 hrs to reach..the same thing happened, i reached my home by 11.15

Saturday slept well... Sunday At 11.0 A.M, I went to market to buy lotus flowers...since the sack of lotus came late,i have waited there for nearly 1/2 hr for lotus... Only pink lotus flower's came,i bought those flowers. It looks pretty to see siva decorated with lotus flowers. My sister also came temple to see lord shivdecorated with lotus flowers..since she like's lord shiva very much..
.....time went fast.... At 8.00 P.M started back to chennai by travels....today morning reached here at 8.00 A.M.

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