Thursday, February 08, 2007

learning abt life

I am learning lot's of lesson's abt life... women's are suffering lot after marriage...all thru maamiar..why they are like this ?i think if they have a girl child, they don't torture the marumaghal...i am seeing this in my sister's family...first my twin my elder sister is suffering...even she is in nuclear family ...maamiar is giving torture thru phone. She said 'maamiar na, thittuvaanga adhai vangithaan agha vendum'. when i hear all these stuff's, i hate guy's... why they are like boom boom maadu ? whatever his mother say's accepting not considering his wife..

Once doctor said to my mom that 'this maamiar kodumai is a fate to a girl which is not written'. His daughter also a doctor... she is in united-states, she is getting torture by her mother-in-law thru phone from india.

It's in the husband hand to solve this problem, if he is not steady in his way to solve

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