Friday, February 02, 2007

sorry da 'ammu'

friend's said something(she said selfish ...) i didn't believe them..she might tell as fun.. bcoz she is lotus,my mind get's disturb more..... bcoz i am loving her more and i am possesive on her. This makes me feel more..She also feel the same if she love's me... Everyone who love's some one has possesiveness.
I asked my friend abt 'possesiveness' .. he said it's not wrong during love.. if some one has more affection..they will have possesiveness..

Sorry da lotus, yesterday i have great anger on you... sorry da ammu..After marriage i don't be possessive like this..bcoz u will always with me... you also has possessiveness on me...i have noticed this...
Hey lotus, i have got sql zone award...i know that you will be happy to hear this....i become child when i talk to you. I have to go on-site soon to earn money...ippala on-site pona thaan ponney kodukuraanga...ur parent's may also the same.

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