Thursday, January 04, 2007

medicine for "Chikungunya fever"

1)துளசி இலை (5 leaf's)
2)வேம்பு இலை (5 leaf's)
3)முருங்கை இலை (5 leafs)
4)அருகம் புல் (5 leafs)
5)வெற்றிலை (1 leaf)
6)சிறிது சுக்கு
7)சிறிது மிளகு
8)சிறிது மஞ்சள் தூள்
9)சிறிது கருப்பட்டி
First 8 are the main ingredients.
Add one glass full of water, Boil these mixtures for 20 min's with light heat, then filter the boiled content Now you drink this medicine... It's for one person, if more than one person needs, for them it should be prepare separately. don't share with other's.. Take this medicine once a week to get cure from Chikungunya disease.It will be better to take on Ammavasai or Pournami day, if the person affected more.

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