Monday, January 08, 2007

பொறுத்தார் பூமி ஆள்வார்

Friday 5/1/07 - I came office by evening after finishing the last exam.
அன்று எனக்கு அவளை பார்க்கணும் போல் இருந்தது. I said god that I like to see her... I know i can't and left office by 8.40 and waiting for the cab, but the road was blocked, then i walked towards the signal to catch the cab. The cab came and she is sitting inside the cab[same color-green (New dress, i like to show to her)] , i was surprised to see her, But i didn't see her face. Luckily i heard her voice bcoz the driver went thru some other way, so she asked to stop the cab. Time will come soon to meet her..

பொறுத்தார் பூமி ஆள்வார் !

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