Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2006 Highlights

This is the year, i suffered lots of pain in life,carrieer & everything..i didn't get a single chance to show my talents in projects...2007 will be a good one for me.

Happiest day:

1)Team lunch at park sheraton on feb 14th, she came in white dress like devadhai, She looked at me, when i am not looking at her. She was ver happy on that day

2)When i met U.G friend's in senthil marriage

worst day: All the day's except the happiest day

piditha paadal: paartha mudhal naal,raghasiyamanadhu khadhal, sutrum vili sudare

movie: sillunu oru khadhal

website hit most: lotus blog,ibmmainframes.com,google.com

மறக்க முடியாதது :

1) i don't know the exact date...i have kept my mobile in my pocket..i am calling lotus from pco,by the time my mobile automatically dials to lotus number(don't know how it happened)...so i got engaged tone ...suddenly i realized thecalleer tune(suttum vizhi sudare) from my mobile..just took the mobile and seeing 'it dials to lotus'.. Yes she set's the song to my number...To confirm this, i called from pco(no caller tune).It's confirmed

2) mobile recharge

3) searched for lotus name in train bogees

4) MBA II sem exam

5) 30 Hrs Travel

Manager : Naum Gozman

Friend: Saravanan, Srini, Michael, Muthuvel, durai

Good lead: Tjose

New Friend: Nidhya J .. She is a good girl like lotus.. Arun u are lucky

மனதை சாந்தப்படுத்தியது : lotus voice,songs-kandha sasti kavasam,ohm namachivaaya, temple,my home

New things: கவிதை எழுதுவது, பாசம் புரிந்தது

வெறுத்தது : தனிமை, myself(Achieved nothing this year)

புரியாதது : lotus மனசு, XPSQL

SmS: S14(coach no), Ok

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