Friday, December 22, 2006

Lotus dance

Young Dancer Brings Grace and Elegance to Role of Maiden

In China, Xue’er began the study of dance at the age of six and half at a specialized dance school; this laid a solid foundation for her dancing. She moved to Canada when she was 13 and studied ballet in a performing arts high school. The following year, she joined the Lotus Art Performance Group to study various dance styles, including classical Chinese dance and ballet.
Xue’er says that even though she started learning dance at a very young age she felt that over the last several years she has progressed exponentially and has come to understand dance and its deeper meanings.
She mentioned that her deepest understanding is that dance is not for showing off, but for bringing beautiful things to others, therefore the dancer must pay attention to morality and maintain a pure and contented heart.
the dance “The Goddess of Flowers” portrays the descent of a goddess from the heavens. She suffers all the hardships of the human world and spreads truth and happiness. The dance demonstrates pure and honest feminine beauty. The lotus flower grows out of mud, yet remains pure and clean.

lotus dance in china....

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