Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pass in II sem

I got pass in all subject's that i wrote for MBA II sem... Can't forget the day' s of those exam's
The exam's was started on (office "DP day out" day - saturday)... every one went for the function.... But i was studying for the exam.... i didn't went for DP day out..On sunday just 1 hr before the exam, i(Red) asked my friends about lotus(yellow)...they said that she fall down while pulling rope(some game).... After that my mind fully get's disturbed, then i thought that i can't write the exam, so i just walked out and return home(12.45) from the exam centre(Alagappa schools -purasavakam)... Exam time is 1.00 P.M, my colleagues(mike & deepak) are calling from exam hall "what happened where u are ? " I said that i can't write the exam..."manasu sariyilla"... they said u just come and write...still time is there... Atlast i accept them, took auto and reach the exam hall by 1.30p.m .... wrote the exam !. Now got pass

I should say thanks to my colleague's mike & deepak.

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