Wednesday, October 18, 2006

waiting for ur judgement

Hey God !
You are my justice... You know everything that happened between me and her.They(phone call) might not know about the things happened, so i don't blame them. But their words killing me daily.. en mansu sethuvittadhu, uyir mattum thaan irukirathu.... Always :-(

I didn't torture, i just begged her that you know well.... I loved her a lot, so i am getting punishment daily.... i asked her several times to have a talk...if she talked, this black mark i wouldn't get. I did what u said... i asked her to talk that is the only mistake i did. My life is in
your hand only !!.. I am living bcoz of you only and waiting for ur judgement day.... Please save me... she refused to save me.....u r the only and no one else for me

hey saraswathi,
Why did you make this matter very seriously ???
Why did u show her early ???
I become more possesive if someone talks to her...... one person(batch mate) is talking to her daily for discussing project, when i see this, i died completely.. Actually i would be in that place.... i have asked for open system projects, so we have interchanged our positions during ojt.
See how u r playing in my life, I have missed good project too... I don't eat food until u save me.... Mansau sari illadha podhu udaluku edhuku unavu... adhu sahattum.

neeethana ava mela paasam vainu sonna neeyeh ippa amaidhiya irundha eppadi ??
neeyum aval madhiri silent aah irukatha.... sariya ? save my life.

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