Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Shouldn't happen again

yesterday i came office, normally....but i did a mistake...i called her.. she didn't take the
phone....i couldn't be without hearing her i left from office...i sent msg's to ask her to reply...i didn't suffer like this ever before....No food,walking in streets like mad...
what to do to cool my mind??i asked this question several times...hmmm no answer...
At 5.00 clock, something happened in my mind, it gets relax...cooled down...
[usually my mother goes to temple and do 'irai valipadu'..yesterday also she went to temple and
did 'valipadu' from 4.30 to 6.00 p.m. This makes my mind cool at this time... Thanks to my mother]
i sent her the message "I am alright now"....bcoz i can't be happy if she is not happy..i asked god whether she will be relax after seeing my last msg's ?. She said 'Yes' Then my mind gets relax fully.

Today morning i get a call from her.... i didn't attend the phone...if i attend she will scold...i can't
hear those words....i don't know wht to do at that time ?? so i prayed god to take care her..if she gets disturb bcoz of me... she(god) said earlier "aval pesinal nee pesu"... enaku enna seyan theriyala...whether to attend the call ??
I also do 'valipadu' for her and also to make my mind relax

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