Monday, October 09, 2006

Become Possesive

I become possesive.... when

கடல் அலைகள் என் தேவதையின் பொற் பாதத்தை
தொட்டுச் சென்ற போது....

Thanks god,

Aval kuralai ketta pin thaan en manathu uyir petrathu...

Why she is hiding the love ? I know she loves me.... Aval maraithalum, Aval kankal katti koduthu vidam... She likes me, but refusing to tell this what is the reason ???
I am asking this question for 1 yr... she is still silent like lotus in pond.
Does she tell if i show this blog ?? shall i tell her that "you r my going to be my life-partner" ?.
I know that i am going to marry her. if i say this Did she believe ??
she is very calm,good and homely girl... I don't want to be like other lovers...

Enakku film,beach ellam pohanumnu Aasi illa....ava pesinal pothum
she is my wife.. i ask her only to talk, that's my energy, naan pasam vaichuten

Words by u
1. She is loving u, u don't believe if i say, u believe only if she tells
(avale manam thirandhu pesuval)
2. Aval pesinal pesu
3. aval mela anbu vai, matradha naan parthu kolhiraen
4. idhe paasam eppothum irukkanum

I can be without seeing her bcoz this makes me to love more... naan innum adhihama avala
nesikkanum. But i can't be without talking to her...bcoz it's my breathe... Aval pechu enathu moochu.

Amma sakthi avala pesa solluma... nee thaana pasam vaika sonna... please ma

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