Friday, September 29, 2006

shall i give rose ?

Hey lotus ....
will u talk if i give rose ?

I can be without seeing u, But i can't be without talking to u, ur voice is oxygen for me to breathe.
Today is ur day, yes... u r saraswathi for me... bcoz ur words r energy for me..... u r my sakthi ... even if i see ur name in the same-time, i feel very happy ....... i am seeing u by ur name in same-time,tso-id,email(u r not sending mails why ??)
i am seeing ur job status in ISPF spool than my job status... ????
Nee antha white dress la evalo alaha iruppa theriyuma.. ? when will i see u in that dress??

U know.... Daily i buy only lotus flower to god saraswathi.... my mind don't allow me to buy other flowers... Today is saraswathi pooja, so i bought "mullai malar" and two lotus flowers.
if my eyes attracted towards beautiful roses, immediately my mind warn me..bcoz u r in my mind and u don't allow me to see rose. One day a lotus flower was lost, i think lord krishna has taken that.... Hey krishna give me my lotus.

krishna nee vilayandathu pothum.. I am always thinking abt her !

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