Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Madhya kailas bus stop

whenever i cross madhya kailas signal, my eyes are looking towards the bus stop, bcoz my lotus comes to that stop for the cab. Nowadays she is not coming to that stop, She came there only for a week. I know she don't come to that stop, But my eyes are searching for her in that stop.

Here in my office, one girl looks like her... but she is not my lotus.

I like to talk than to see her. if i think abt her, kavidhai elutha thonuthu... Aana ennoda kavithai alaha irukathu.
Enakkum avala pola pada aasai, but it's a god's gift only for u. unaku ethulam pidikumo athellam enakum pidikum.

Now, She might think that i forgot her... But she don't know that i am writing blog for her.
khadhal, it's not easy to express the feelings, so i writing everthing in this bog.
Love Increases if i am not seeing her.. This only we say "Thoorathu pachai Alaghu"

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