Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Happy - which shop i will get ??

I promise her.... that i don't feel sad... But i am feeling so. Small happiness is that she will be happy always.......bcoz i don't talk to her. hmmmm...she also don't likes to see me, that's why god separated us. God is doing favor for her... Thanks.

I am acting infront of others that i am happy... But my mind is still suffering from the pain,
My heart never be happy unless she talk as usual, But sure i dont talk her until she talks.
I don't know when i will be happy ??

see.... plants,trees all r happy... But me couldn't be happy like birds,animals etc....

hey god... atleast give me a good project !. I learnt nothing for the past 1 yr. plz..... i know
u still want to play with me. Ellam un Seyal, bcoz of u

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