Friday, September 22, 2006


Seeing her after 16 days in FYI meeting..
She is brilliant, set the same-time as active and came...

தேவதை போல் வானில் இருந்து இறங்கி வந்தால் என் தாமரை
அலை கரையை வந்து தொட்டு சென்றது போல் இருந்தது
பகலில் நட்சத்திரம் தோன்றி மறைந்தது
Tidel park பிரகாசம் ஆனது
எல்லா ரோஜா பூக்களின் கர்வமும் அடங்கியது

what i did ??
[i am searching entire audi, but she was sitting at last... i just crossed her
and took my seat on the other side.. After the meeting gets over...i just followed her.
she went to ATM, i just stood near book shop, hide myself and looking at her..
She came out and stand near the steps... ennal nilavai parka dhaan mudinthathe thavira
pesa mudiyavillai... She is going out from tidel with her's like "Alai karayai thottu chendarathu pol irundhathu"... i am watching till she disappears from me... it's like
sunset... it's beautiful.]

Innum ethanai nal kaathirupen intha pournami nilavai kaana.?

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