Sunday, October 01, 2006

பக்தன் ஆக்கினாய் என்னை

Today is saraswathi pooja.

It's ur day, Wish you a very happy saraswathi pooja!

Hope you will be happy with ur family.i also celebrate this day very well.
Because of you only! i become a devotee of lord saraswathi, sometimes I become child and talk with her abt u. Thanks lotus.

Mother Saraswati, is the goddess of knowledge and music

Hey lotus, I am seeing ur face in godess face, U could see "அன்பு, பாசம், கருணை, சக்தி" in her face... i like these things from you da.

lotus, you also good in music..See peacock is there

Celebration: i have bought white lotus, pink lotus, mullai malar, roses, jasmine(favorite in ur city) for lord saraswathi. (Things coming into my mind "I asked you to bring jasmine when we went by train for vacation"). Evening I went to temple and pray for my lotus..some girls came there in white dress.. i thought of her... After 1 year, Today only i took the book and study.

She is lotus, She should be happy always, This is my first word in my pray to god.

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