Monday, August 28, 2006

do i recover ??... no reply yet

feelings that hurt me.....
50% - whenever i sent msg's, she get disturb.... i couldn't control..
(nee kavala paduvennu paddhi kavala enaku)
40 % - About my career + fight with u
10 % - couldn't able to talk
This 10 % is the reason for 100 % saddness, your answer for my mail
will cure this 100 % sadness....... that u r not understanding.
give me 1 chance.... Amma parvathi devi.... nee thana pasam vaika sonna... plz ask her to reply for the mail. See krishna is playing...he is having lotus flower in his flute and smiling at me....
sorry maa, sometimes i am sending msg's that might hurt her.. so i sent sorry immediately.. en mansu thangathu if she is unhappy... she should be happy always. i have to achieve more....plz ask her to reply...plz maa

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