Friday, July 28, 2006

u only can save me

why r u silent like god ??i am dying daily.... u also know how it's pain... I didn't suffer this much ever..., no one should suffer like this..... i thought to die than to sufffer.. but i can't. god is not listening my words... neeyavathu kelu...
daily thinking u more than 100 times, then how can i concentrate my career... nee pesinal thaan
i can concentrate 100% on my career..
I didn't write my sem exam's.. how can i write ??? when i propose, i said that i like to marry you.. bcoz i dont want be like other lovers.. You r my spirit, sakthi.. Things running in my mind when i propose you.
1. if u accept, i shouldn't talk more like other lovers
2. have to concentrate on career with the support of you.

You know ur words has some supreme power, i dont know what's that, u r my judge
you know i like to talk to you than seeing you.. "unnoda kuralla enna than mandhiram vachirukka"

i tried all ways to get relief, no result...only u can save me.. i am asking you to talk only !!
what shall i do ?? .... pesama irukurathu evvalavu kastam unakutheriyuma ??? it's separating child from mother. neeyum paasam vaithu paru, u realize the feelings

intha blog'il pesi enna bhayan.... idhai unnidam solla vendum.... sonnalum unaku enga puriya pohirathu....

unmaayai sonnal than enna, Aen, un khadhalai maraikirai, sollividu
erimalai neruppai veliyetrinal thaan, Athan seetram Adangum
Puyal karayai kadanthaal than shantham adayum, adhu pol
En manathum nee pesi nal thaan amaithi adayum
En manathai itharku mel sirai pidithall adhu sethuvidum

Enathu ilakai noki vehamaha munnera mudiyavillai, un kuralai ketkamal
pesividu plz pesividu............

pesi par, u will see the changes.... un manathil ullathai sol, unmayai sol...
i dont know how to tell these things to you.... ?????

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