Monday, July 31, 2006

God - u r my justice

Hey god sakthi,
on 29th aug evening..
i asked her to talk to me, but she made as a fight.. i didnt went for argument, but she made it.
i didn't ask her to love, ask her to understand me, think .. But she said that 'i don't think such "stupid things"' How painful to hear this ???? why she said like this.. she is killing me by words...
Annaike sethuripen, but i have responsibile to my dependents. okay.... if she didn't love then why she is getting angry & throwing words ???.. Even i dont put words to enemies... bcoz once we put words we can't take back.. Atleast she could tell the things in soft word... she only made me to love more... if we both talk and we could come to a conclusion(No love)...

To lotus

Ulahathuka yarum kadhal pannave illaya... nee(lotus) advice panna na ketpen, Aana u r killing me.. this is the reasion i couldn't come out of this love... i understood that u never understand me, It's waste to ask you to talk... No problem god is there... he will answer me...
i dont know whether u r loving or not, saying true or not... but one day u also realize. you never understand me, even if i show this blog u never understand me

To sakthi(god).

Amma, She is laughing at me... throwing words,she is
Tharumi porkasukku aasai pattaan, Naan Anbukku aasai pattaen
Antha sivaperuman, tharumikku pattu eluthi koduthuthar, avaiyil mattikonda tharumiyai sivaperuman nettri kan thiranthu vadhatinar....

she is very clear in her words that she didnt love.. why r u playing with me ?? whom should i believe either u or her ?.... Tharumiya kappathina sivana pola ennayum nee kapathu... she don't know what's happening, so she is not responsible. she may tell lie, but u r the responsible bcoz u only made me to love her. "if i said anything wrong plz forgive me"
'Om Sakthi para sakthi"

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