Monday, May 01, 2006


On Saturday, A lecturer, while taking class on "Management process & behaviour", he talks about motivation.

What he says ?...
In a company, 1000 people's are working... out of which two groups of people are selected.
Random pick !

25 people(group A)

They have recognized as a separate group,best employers,awards....

100 people(group B)

Here they have been given free medical policy, free transport(pickup & drop facility),
free lunch

Unfortunately production goes up for both the group... even the people in group A didnt give such fancy facilities, bcoz they have been motivated by giving honors.

At this time what's going in my mind ! %^&**!@!@~!

I want to be as group A people.. (i.e) I want to work, achieve more.. bcoz of you(lotus)
when i talk to lotus it's a motivation for me...... Even if she say 'Hi' that itself gives energy to me..

I dont know how this ?.... if she didn't reply.... it's completely reverse... killing me.
Yeah lotus u talk atleast like parrot

I dont want to be like other's(group B).... #!$!$%!!

According to me, love is the thing which brings a man to do his best !

It has the power to make all thing's good. . Even it can make all people as good. every human being can be control by love, But the thing is "most true love not getting succed !".

I dont know, why god is not uisng this love as a weapon to change all the people as good !
He himself knows the power of love !.... ????????????????????.

He will definetly make our love success !. He said that u do ur job, everyone's life is in my hand i'll take care.

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