Friday, April 28, 2006

MBA class in Loyola college

After long days, I am going to college to study. Seeing black black ..board, it's different from corporate work.. Last week i attended classes on saturday and sunday. There students from different ages are coming, yes an old person of age around 45 is studying MBA. My friend, he went to the near by class where beautiful girls are there... On sunday i and my friend bunk the last class (ya.. escaping from lectures).... Tomorrow also i have to go.... :-( the thing is catching train, walk and reach there with sweats... Terrible. The classes are intersting but it's impossible to load a unit/chapter in 1 hour.. Just now i am realizing MBA in IIM... how it will be ?nice know ..

It's a good subject yu should study in such prestiges colleges.. These r for the people who born intelligent!, Hhmm hope the next generation will study there...

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