Monday, March 13, 2006

Keen !

Eager to do Programs on Db2,CICS, VSAM !

y???????????????? :-(

Currently i am working on batch programs like report generations, modifications, analysis etc...

So i myself start learning on JCL, VSAM & Db2....

Before i thought mainframe is limited to a circle and i can become expert soon.. Now i
feel that it also a sea...... like 'c' language. going going...
once upon a time i was an addict to 'C' pointers... Remembering my Nick names...(dont tell)

Also i need to concentrate on financial domain... Want more time !.

Hey God(saraswathi) give me more sakthi to learn more, Also i am getting fail to remember.. the things which i learnt..

Lot to learn. ... So Always stay with me....

"There is no such thing as stupid question, there are just stupid people, who are afraid of asking."

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